A.TIBBZ unveils the video for Ur Wave Pt.II introducing his debut album NONAME


If you’re familiar with our FAVOURITE TRACKS MONDAY playlist or our Friday’s Latest round-up, you might have heard about our new favourite R&B talent, A.TIBBZ. If not, get ready because A.TIBBZ is about to blow up, trust us!

Following on from the release of his two previous singles, Faces and Slow Down, the Boston-based singer, song-writer & producer is now ready to let us get a better glimpse into his smooth and mysterious 90s R&B inspired world by unveiling the first visuals introducing his debut album NONAME, set to be released on November 13th (and yes, it’ll be Friday 13th, good one!). The album is now available for Pre-Save (CLICK HERE) on your favourite streaming platform and TBC got the exclusivity to tell you all a bit more, so get ready to dive into the world of A.TIBBZ


Born and raised in Stoughton, a small town right outside of Boston (US), music has always been a special piece of A.TIBBZ’s life. With both his parents being DJ’s, he grew up around many different cultures, musical interests and ways of living. While taking piano lessons since the age of 6 and rapping since middle school, A.TIBBZ soon got into R&B. His music is strongly influenced by highly acclaimed 90’s legends, such as Brandy and Ginuwine, as well as 2000’s R&B stars, like Ja Rule and Ashanti.

Inspired by artists like Drake, who can naturally switch from rapping to singing allowing himself to be light-hearted and vulnerable at the same time, A.TIBBZ aims to make his music dynamic, expressing different emotions in different ways.


The short video, backing up the first track of the album, Ur Wave Pt. II, shows a new side of A.TIBBZ‘s personality, allowing us to grasp the authenticity and melancholy surrounding his sound and song-writing.



Talking about how the album came together, A.TIBBZ explains to TBC:

The project came together unexpectedly because I have been working on another album with another producer and we have been getting that together for the past year and that was the main focus. As soon as quarantine hit, I had all this time where I have been at the crib, so I have been talking to one of my engineers and I went to him randomly, did a session and we did the first song!



Soon as we did that, I had a photoshoot that I did and – it is really weird how it came together – the cover of the album I had posted it and one of my artist friends was like ‘this is album cover worthy’ and I just had this song, so I was like ‘let me go back to the studio’ and I snowballed and I was like making songs that I was really feeling and so I decided to put this EP together with three songs cause that was all I had at the time. And then it just kept going, kept going back to the studio, I was super inspired and then it turned into ten songs. It was all in the same two weeks where I put all the songs together and I was talking about similar things, same situations I was in, so it was real fresh, it felt good and cohesive.

And although this new project signs the beginning of a brand new era for A.TIBBZ, the young artist isn’t a newbie and has been making music for a long time, using his art as therapy, allowing him to get it all out through his music:

‘NONAME’ represents the fact that I was able to put the album together quick, how I wanted it and the years of work I have been putting in, just focusing on the quality and my journey of doing this shit. It represents my growth as an artist, and me turning into the artist that I always saw myself as ‘no name’ without anybody knowing who I am yet and before the success kicks in and people starts recognising me.

What can we expect from NONAME? Definitely a very unique and riche sound, potentially many more relationship stories, and the same old real honest lyrics that document A.TIBBZ’s life in a very direct and relatable way. Surrounding himself with friends and talented producers such as RO$EGOLD & PSYAH (Faces), & SamSully (Slow Down), A.TIBBZ is set to take over the world really soon, you’ve been warned!



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