A True Force of Nature: Aurora at the Roundhouse

Aurora, the 23-year-old alt-pop fairy from Norway has had a very eventful year. She released two albums, toured around the world and performed at such festivals as Glastonbury or Rock Werchter. Rounding up this incredible year, the singer brought her enchanting set to London’s iconic Roundhouse on the 11th of November.

The evening began with a short set from fellow Norwegian pop princess Iris who represented a very similar image and musical style to Aurora. This similarity, combined with her catchy songs, talented band, and shy yet captivating stage presence resulted in one of a great opening to an amazing night. Aurora kicked off her 90-minute set with the blasting beats of Churchyard and took the audience on a fantastic journey into her magical world. While empowering pop-hits like Queendom and Animal made the entire crowd move, the acoustic renditions of Murder Song and It Happened Quiet were hauntingly beautiful. The ultimate highlight of the gig was the powerhouse environmental anthem The Seed, with the audience chanting the bridge in perfect unison with the singer leading up to the catharsis of the chorus.

Throughout the gig, it was strikingly obvious how naturally talented Aurora is. Even though her raw power and genuine kindness might seem paradoxical, these traits complemented each other perfectly on stage and created something uniquely authentic. Her vocals were enchantingly beautiful, she was joyfully dancing around on stage, and she casually told stories of meeting a very nice pigeon in Manchester between songs. At the same time, she passionately channeled her rage about the world into songs like Apple Tree and The Seed, and the stage design was amazingly eerie. Overall, Aurora was an absolute delight to watch and to listen to, and she put on one of the best gigs we’ve attended this year.

Written by Balàzs Mihàlyfi

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