Absence pt.2 : the perfect soundtrack for your twenties by feelswithcaps

How many of us dreamed of the perfect soundtrack to accompany us during the most important moments of our lives? To make it more aesthetically pleasing like what we’ve always seen on TV, highlight the best parts, add a little drama and take us back with just the first notes… Well, feelswithcaps took one for the team and decided to grant us our wish.


The electro-pop group consisting of singer and songwriter Sofi Meronen, keyboardist Mikael Myrskog and drummer and producer Aleksi Kinnunen gives us the perfect OST vibes with their new project Absence pt. 2 to make it all better, let’s see why!


The trio has been working together for 7 years now and know how to showcase their talent through their songs, this is probably why their sound keeps evolving and touching more and more people from their first public in Finland to your favorite playlists (Their single ‘Drains’, which came out a year ago today, has garnered much attention and been featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds and YleX’s and i-D’s best new music playlists!)


From Absence, their first album to the second one, Absence pt. 2, Sofi, Mikael and Aleksi put together 5 new songs which will take you places keeping their northern melancholy found in the first project intact.
If the first album, Absence felt like a diary best played during a night drive, Absence pt. 2 takes us back to the regular moments of our very regular lives making them a little sweeter, thanks to the power of music. If you are wondering which album to play in the background while you’re in your bedroom, daydreaming, studying, scrolling down your favorite social media app or making plans for summer 2020, Absence pt. 2 would be the wisest choice. Like a coming of age movie, feelswithcaps knows how to play with our emotions.



Your history, the first song of the album deals with a feeling most of us can relate to, pain and love, not knowing when to let go despite knowing letting go will be inevitable. The beat keeps us from sinking into another sad song, bringing feels and comfort at the same time. This could actually sum up feelswithcaps’ sound: feels and comfort. Want to listen to someone who will put your thoughts into words? This Finnish trio got you.


Big Things, the second song is much stronger sound-wise. The lyrics and the title highlight the sense of strength we hear right away (avalanche, storm, hurricane… the words match the sound and the concept) even though there’s a sense of hopelessness in the song, free for interpretations. Writer suggestion: this one is perfect to dance in your bedroom. We can almost picture Saoirse Ronan playing Lady Bird listen to it while crossing out her ex-lover’s name on her bedroom’s wall. (If you know, you know..)


Bits & Pieces, our favorite track, is the perfect mix between pop and electro. The songwriter, Sofi, who thinks of her songs as her diary, sings about a love story coming to an end, dealing with lust and empowerment, wanting more but not getting it, hence the title of the song. Once again, making the song very easy to relate to without falling into an overly seen concept. The group’s very own strength is their nostalgia, making us almost miss the pain of a young love gone wrong. This is the power of vulnerability, three young adults speaking about what to expect of your twenties.


Stay Here slows us down for a moment, going back to a softer vibe. The fourth track deals with proximity and self-esteem in a relationship, reminding us of how hard it can be to be emotionally intimate with someone.


Bethnal Green follows the new pace Stay Here sets. Slow melody, strong lyrics sang softly, and their own melancholy present in all 5 tracks make this album so very personal yet very universal. Ending the album with a song almost as soft as the first one meanwhile presenting the stronger beats in the second and third position making it a very well rounded project.


Sofi said the plan was to create an album a year, and so they did. Absence pt.2 is now out and so is their new music video for Bethnal Green, give it a try to complete the coming of age movie/OST fantasy!


Post written by Amelia Anouar.

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