ALL POINTS EAST 2019 // Week 2 – Festival Review

     The following week started on Friday 31st, as Bring Me The Horizon performed their first ever festival set of 2019 with a 2-hour moshing and jumping extravaganza. The band played their newest singles from their latest studio album amo alongside their massive hits such as Throne, Pray for Plaques and Can You Feel My Heart. We were at the festival site the whole day and can guarantee all of you that we burned all of the calories that we all gained from pints of beers and Jager shots. For sure! The day was a massive banger for someone who is into some kick-ass rock and roll.

     The day started as we visited Alice Glass at the East Stage. When her gothic style was combined with her energetic stage presence, she was warning the industry to look out for her. After she left the stage to IDLES, the six-piece punk rock band kept the attention stay at the main stage. We went to the Firestone Stage to check the emerging Scottish band called Vukovi out. For a small stage, the crowd was big enough for people to crown surf! The band gave their all into their 20-minute set that showed how a female lead rocks out. They recently played their headline gig at Camden’s Underworld on 4th of June. I would recommend you give them a try on any streaming platforms.

     While Yonaka, While She Sleeps and Architects were killing it, we were downing a couple of pints *ehhem*…getting ready… to sing our lungs out to a personal favourite Nothing But Thieves. The five-piece from Southend-on-Sea was on stage for 45 minutes, visiting London in between two festival appearances in the Netherlands. The crowd went mental as the band started strong with their latest single Forever & Ever More. We, again, found ourselves in the middle of the mosh pit dancing like crazy as Live Like Animals were heating the crowd up. The band finished their set with the anthemic Amsterdam and left us all pumped up with high levels of adrenaline. They smashed it as usual. The frontman Conor’s mesmerising yet powerful vocals combined with the lead guitarist Joe’s melodic explosions and the bands wholesome rock and roll are enough proof that rock is not dead!

Nothing But Thieves on the East Stage

     The day ended as everyone was cheering and losing themselves to Oliver Sykes’ return with the band’s sixth studio album amo. They performed medicine, mother tongue and MANTRA. The audience’s response to each one of them was a celebration that took Bring Me The Horizon to a whole another level. The band still own their rightful throne even though the recent critics had negative views on the band’s evolving sound. Sykes’ performance was a non-stop rebellion that didn’t hit any obstacles throughout the show.

     On 1st of June, Mumford & Sons, Dizzee Rascal, Leon Bridges, The Vaccines, Marika Hackman, Jade Bird, Tamino, Maisie Peters and Rosie Love were all worth to hear and see. The festival ended on the following day with the performances of Bon Iver, Mac DeMarcoThe Tallest Man on Earth, Julien Baker, Snail Mail, Eloise, and Gently Tender. During the festival, it was possible to discover and fall in love with new acts and release some steam in the middle of a metropolitan city.

     The festival site had loads of toilet facilities, water points, and food traders. If you ask us for our opinion, the pints were not excessively expensive. They were at festival average prices. Food vendors were plenty and well-selected as you could’ve found something for your taste in anyway. Also, we have to mention the superheroes of the festival team.

    This year, APE collaborated with NotLost which helps the festival find lost belongings and recycle the ones that are not claimed. The clumsiest member of our gang managed to lost her Oyster card at the field. We searched for it but to no avail. Basically, when you lose an item, you go to the festival’s Lost & Found Tent. If you are lucky enough, the festival team finds your item before the end of the day. In this case our friend didn’t have her lucky charms with her. When she went to the tent, they gave her directions to register her lost property to a website. Just that she thought the card should have been torn apart during one of the mosh pits, the NotLost team reached out to her 5 days later and returned her card. Wohhoo! Impressive, right?

At the end of 2 weeks, All Points East is a great alternative to camping festivals as you can go back home to sleep in your comfy bed without giving up of your favourite bands! Easy to access via public transportation at a wonderful park with good food and all in the heart of London. See you next time APE, we will be there!

Author: Simge Uncular


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