An intimate night with SASHA SLOAN

Sasha Sloan writes songs you “can listen to late at night when you’re all fucked up and alone—and maybe feel better.” 

May 7th, London. “Hope you’re ready to get sad!”, a shy Sasha Sloan says as she walks up on stage at the famous Dingwalls in Camden Town. The gig starts with a rendition of one of her most personal songs, “The Only“. The track envelops the audience in the feeling of loneliness that comes up with growing up and being misunderstood, desperately seeking someone to talk to. The song ends and the talented songwriter takes a couple of seconds to thank the crowd for attending her first ever UK gig before following up with all the tracks that have made Sasha Sloan the internet phenomenon that she is now. She starts with her hit songs Ready Yet, Runaway and Normal – all taken from her first EP “sad girl” released in 2018 under RCA Records (Sony Music), then goes on to sing records from her most recent piece of work, (also produced by King Henry): the 6 tracks EP “Loser” (RCA Records, Sony Music), and including titles Faking It, Version Of Me and Older, her latest single. The young Californian even performs an acoustic version of her collaboration with Norwegian DJ Kygo on the song “This Town“, a touching ballad on “growing up and watching all your friends settle down while you’re still trying to figure your own life out.” 

It’s comforting to know, I can’t be the only one who’s lonely tonight

(The Only, “Loser” EP)

That need to be heard, without being able to succeed and therefore shutting down and making Sasha feel even more lonely amongst crowds is what makes her so relatable. Because Sasha Sloan is quite the person we all are when we end up being alone, at home, on a rainy Wednesday night: sad but still hopeful. 

In the end, you’ll feel right at home hanging out with Sasha Sloan“.

Loser” (RCA Records, Sony Music Entertainment)

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