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Glass Animals live (?) from our living room

Since March, we’ve been missing the endless queues in the rain, the painfully expensive drinks, the feeling of someone else’s beer in our hair, and most of all the entire catharsis of what we call concerts. Now, however, Glass Animals (Polydor) has offered to take us back to better times with a virtual performance of...

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Our favourite indie album for September

Hurts – Faith With an amazing breakthrough album (Happiness) and a virtually perfect follow-up (Exile), Manchester duo Hurts (Columbia) established themselves as an integral part of England’s indie pop scene with their dark production, emotional lyrics and with frontman Theo Hutchcraft’s enchanting voice. With their mediocre third and fourth records, however, they got dangerously close to becoming just...

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Halsey releases the beautiful, vulnerable and daring Manic

ALBUM REVIEW Following 2017’s Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, Halsey (Capitol Records) released her third record, Manic, on Friday, and it’s everything fans have been waiting for. The album takes the listeners on a 16-songs journey into Halsey’s world, where she’s “constantly having a breakthrough or breakdown or blackout”. Manic’s melancholic atmosphere is captivating, unique, and makes the...

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