Bea Miller – ‘elated!’ : The EP review

After more than a year without releasing music, Bea Miller (Hollywood Records) is back with a new EP called ‘elated!’ and she did not come to play. This body of work is, more than ever, representative of the 21 years old singer’s personality as the songs go back and forth between joyful and groovy to angsty and self-deprecating.



The seven-song project opens up with the pessimistic ‘hallelujah’ where Miller gives a voice to her anxieties about the current political climate. As an artist, she has been known to be very vocal about social issues, as she did with her single ‘That Bitch’ last year, so it is not all that surprising to hear her sing that there are ‘nazis in the big white house’. The EP follows with ‘FEEL SOMETHING DIFFERENT’ which is a remix of ‘feel something’, a track of Miller’s which went viral on TikTok. This time, Portland based rapper Aminé is invited on the song that takes a completely different direction with a catchy baseline and an 80s vibe. The third record is a pop-rock anthem called ‘forever is a lie’ which brings us back to early 2000s angry songs, showing Bea‘s pessimistic side.

Right in the middle of the tracklist is ‘making bad decisions’, which we can all relate to. For this song Miller went and collaborated with her friend and talented songwriter Kennedi. The 20-year-old’s work ranges from Ariana Grande’s ‘fake smile’ to Dua Lipa’s ‘boys will be boys’ so it comes to no surprise that ‘making bad decisions’ is an absolute treasure. The track starts as a melancholic ballad about Bea’s self-destructing habits and then picks up an upbeat tempo which could almost make us forget the bitter lyrics. ‘making bad decisions’ is followed by ‘i never wanna die’ whose melody definitely makes us think of our childhood pop rock queens such as Avril Lavigne. This track is quite the opposite of its predecessor as Miller shouts her love for someone at the top of her lungs, talking about how this person’s affection takes her from endless sorrow to quite literally not wanting to die anymore. Both songs are a clear depiction of the artist’s tendency to always feel to the extreme, constantly singing about the intensity of her feelings.

‘elated!’ comes to an end with ‘wisdom teeth’ and ‘self crucify’. ‘wisdom teeth’ is a catchy pop song about an awkward limbo Miller found herself in for the past year where she did not feel ready for adulthood and everything it represents, wanting to go back to a time where she did not have to be aware of her surroundings. Finally, ‘self-crucify’ is the saddest and yet, weirdly enough, the most hopeful track on the EP. Miller chose this song to write about all the hardship she had to go through but it is also a reminder to be kind to herself and realise that sometimes forgiveness is the wisest choice.

As a whole, ‘elated!’ is a depiction of Bea’s maturing sound combined with vulnerable lyrics about her loss of innocence. It also shows the singer’s ability to surround herself with talent as Justin Tranter, Kennedi and producer prodigee Mike Sabath have all worked on multiple tracks on her record. ‘elated!’ is an EP that you can devour at any time of the day but it will be more appreciated at full volume and preferably singing at the top of your lungs.

Favourite tracks: i never wanna die, making bad decisions.

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