BLU DETIGER, the New Yorker who stole our heart

Blu DeTiger is back with a groovy single so get ready to put your meanest stank face on. Armed with her blue bass and catchy tunes, she was supposed to be the opener on Fletcher’s European tour this spring, but that was before the coronavirus decided to put us all on lockdown and ruin all the fun.

The young New Yorker stole our hearts last year, with her disco-inspired record Mad Love. But if you are like us and spend hours scrolling through TikTok you probably caught sight of her viral videos where she plays bass on your favourite latest hits. As of today, DeTiger has amassed close to 300k followers and millions of views on the Chinese app, finally getting the attention she deserves.

In her day to day life, Blu DeTiger juggles between being a student at NYU by day and DJing at all your favourite Manhattan clubs at night. Turns out that music is quite literally in her veins as she was born to musician parents who used to be the life of the party in Ibiza. All throughout 2019 the young artist has put out nothing but bangers like the addictive In My Head or the cheeky Tangerine.



So even though most artists have decided to postpone their projects to simpler times, Blu put out her new single Figure It Out on April 17th. Figure It Out is both a blasé anthem and a song we can’t stop bopping our heads to. DeTiger got us jamming to her record in the middle our living rooms, singing about how “it’s getting too loud | we’ll figure it out”. Now, things have gone full circle as people have started posting videos trying to play the blond DJ’s latest tune!

Needless to say, it is always a pleasure to see badass female musicians like Blu DeTiger getting recognition and hopefully we’ll get to see one of her sets soon!

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