Chicken Tenders: A spooky journey into Dominic Fike’s mind

VIDEO OF THE WEEK : Being the new face of Marc Jacobs, being worshiped by DJ Khaled and Kourtney Kardashian or even having signed a $4 million contract with Columbia Records, many fantasies revolve around Dominic Fike. The 24-year-old artist has just released his music video for Chicken Tenders, his latest pop song produced by Julian Cruz, and he’s having fun mixing genres as usual! Originally from Naples, a small town in southern Florida, Dominic Fike is the result of a chaotic childhood and a strong love & passion for music. In the middle of that, Fike suffered from many addictions and even got placed under house arrest before going to jail for assault against a police officer. But if those events were tragic and changed his life forever, those dark times allowed him to find his way: by writing and performing music. The release of his first EP in 2018, Don’t Forget About Me, Demos, which got acclaimed by critics and whose single 3 nights generated 23 million views on Youtube, while ranking n°1 in the alternative music section of Billboard, allowed the young man to generate today more than 9 million monthly plays on Spotify.



Directed by Jack Begert, Chicken Tenders invites us into the intimate life of Dominic Fike. As the whole world slowly starts to go out again, the young artist struggles to escape from his hotel room and runs endlessly in a chimerical world where everything mixes up: Dominic’s adventures are associated with stories of fried chicken while his partner sleeps deeply. This soft and purple velvet atmosphere announces the future pop, folk, and hip-hop ambitions of the Dominic Fike‘s universe, who got his first studio album release delayed due to the recent demonstrations that took place in the United States this past month. The artist took it to Instagram to share his views on the future of his music, and on the on-going conversation happening all over the world:

Last week, I was supposed to put out the first song from my debut album. Instead something much more important happened. People were forced to have a conversation that’s been long overdue. It doesn’t feel right to release music today but it does feel right to continue this conversation.” (June 8th, via Instagram)

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