Climb aboard JAWNY’s van before the world’s ending in Sabotage

Fans of Tik Tok or bedroom pop already know him very well: JAWNY delivered the music video for Sabotage this week. From his project For Abby released last October (which is, ‘Definitely not an EP! But, also not an album!), Sabotage takes us (literally) on an apocalyptic and fairly eventful van journey. The new Interscope recruit crisscrosses the roads in this initiatory journey punctuated by ice cream and car wash stops, alongside his band, a Bible and a guitar. JAWNY is what you get when you put Kurt Cobain, Ozzy Osbourne and Noel Gallagher altogether in a cocktail shaker.

Formerly known as Johnny Utah (but scolded by Keanu Reeves himself!), the young Californian artist –real name Jacob Lee-Nicholas Sullenger– first sought himself out in self-production before taking his career to the next lever, two EPs later. Very versatile, the singer also wears the hats of author, composer and beat maker. The surprise was created in April 2019 thanks to the Tik Tok app where his single Honeypie was a hit. Following this buzz, our jack-of-all-trades went from 40,000 to 1.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify. Throughout For Abby, we witness the reconquest of JAWNY towards his love interest and Sabotage appears as the sincere but malignant apologies directed towards the chosen one of his heart. In this delirious indie road trip, a psychedelic atmosphere of teen movies from the 2000’s resonates for our greatest pleasure. Soon popular on Tik Tok?

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