DILOMÉ unveils “Fais de Moi” music video


Dilomé (Capitol Records France) is indeed a very original name.. And it is with that same originality that the 22 years old young man presented himself to the crowd for the very first time during France’s 6th edition of The Voice. After an amazing journey during the show, Dilomé decided to take a step back.. But the couple years he took for himself were only beneficial and allowed him to meet new people with whom he will have an interesting musical connection, helping him craft and polish his debut project. Hence why the public had to wait until 2019 to finally hear what Dilomé has been working on, now back with a very distinct and strong universe. Between pop and urban sounds, this new talent can easily be distinguished with his unusual but captivating voice.

Fais de moi, first track out from his debut record is now available on every streaming platform.


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