DOMINIC FIKE, A&R’s best kept secret

If Brockhampton and Billie Eilish ring a bell then Dominic Fike‘s name might be familiar to you…

And if that’s not the case (yet), THE BACKSTAGE CLUB invites you to discover the boy who made all the biggest record labels shake by signing with Columbia Records (Sony Music) a contract that would have supposedly reached the colossal amount of 4 million dollars, giving birth to a myth that A&Rs are still trying to understand.

Columbia Records

Firstly known by the American rap scene of Naples, Florida, 23-year-old Dominic Fike began his musical career in the hip-hop world. During his teenage years, Dominic was already unveiling solo projects and collaborations, which were already showcasing the talent of the young man with his raw and honest lyrics as well as an impressive musicality. But it’s in 2018 that the first talent scouts began to take a serious interest in this new musical prodigy of the underground music scene.

At the age of 21, the singer-songwriter wrote and produced what will end up being the project opening the doors to a more mainstream scene: “Don’t Forget About Me, Demos“. The 6 tracks EP was born from a difficult time for Dominic who was then trying to grow up in between drugs, violence, and jail. But being surrounded by so much negativity gave Fike that need to escape, through music, since an early age. The last track of the project, “King of Everything” is Dominic at his best. It translates the feeling of power one feels when being alone, allowed to do everything they can’t do when they’re surrounded by others, without being watched and judged. Like being on top of the world, completely free.

This sense of freedom that Fike seems to be longing to reach, makes us want to dive into his own imperfect, but so touching, world he has to offer. And with now gathering more than 6 million monthly Spotify streams, the well kept little secret of the underground music scene seems to be finally ready to emerge from the shadows to break everything on his rise to fame.

Don’t Forget About Me: Demos” (Columbia Records, Sony Music Entertainment)


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