Our new favorite upcoming artist, Dominic Fike just released two totally new songs: “Rollerblades” and “Açai Bowl“. Both tracks follow his first project out under Columbia Records: “Don’t Forget About Me, Demos“. The songs were written and co-produced by Dominic himself alongside his longtime partner Julian Cruz, back after helping out on the track “Baby Doll” from the EP.

« And when they locked me up, she never listened to her friend »

Dominic Fike performed the track “Açai Bowl” for the first time during a show at Naples, Florida – his hometown – on December 21st 2018. The song addresses Fike’s relationship with his longtime girlfriend who never left his side, no matter the ups and downs that came with the young man’s tumultuous past.



« And if history repeats I’ll be right here in your reach / ‘Cause I’m still under your skin as far as I can tell »

Bringing back that same nostalgic feels from the first EP, the track “Rollerblades” is an ode to one of his past relationship, that seemed over so far. However, Fike catches himself thinking about his ex-girlfriend, to whom he still finds himself attached..

PEACH – KEVIN ABSTRACT (ft. Dominic Fike)

“I’m not the type to tell my homies about ya / You’re not the type to hold me down through the year”

And guess what, it’s not all! Dominic Fike also appears on Kevin Abstract‘s (Brockhampton, RCA Records) latest project (ARIZONA BABY) on the song “Peach” and is credited as a songwriter on the track “Crumble“.

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