EP of the Month (October) : Dylan Fraser – The Storm

Dylan Fraser – The Storm


Dylan Fraser is one of the most promising new artists to have signed with Atlantic Records this year. The 19 year old guitarist and singer-songwriter from Scotland originally grew his audience, like many of his peers, by posting covers on his youtube channel and instagram account since 2014. Fraser started his own social media company whilst in college before dropping out so he could control his hours to focus on music and make money on the side to travel to London and afford studio time. His journey so far was filled with many ups and downs, doubts but mostly determination to get to where he has always known he was meant to be. 

Just like many of his fans, TBC has been awaiting the release of Fraser’s debut EP for months and it’s safe to say we were not disappointed. “The Storm” was released on October 23rd, 2020 and features five incredible tracks which Dylan all co-wrote. 

The EP opens with “Vipers”, Dylan’s debut single which was released on August 14th. It is the perfect example of his many influences (such as Radiohead, Kanye West and Lorde), it’s impossible to figure out the genre of  this song simply because there isn’t one. Fraser makes a point of saying genre is dead and that he won’t box himself into one particular style of music. You can immediately tell what Dylan‘s state of mind was the day he wrote this song, having been meeting with a lot of industry people who all seemed to only have nice things to say about him to the point it sounded fake and left him confused and pissed off and a little paranoid. It’s also clear Fraser loves experimenting with production, the gritty sound and various choices may seem surprising at first but the final product just makes perfect sense and leaves the audience excited to hear more. 

The second track is Fraser’s second single which came out on September 2nd. “Face Tattoo” was written back when Dylan was at his breaking point, couch surfing in London. While it sonically and lyrically sounds pretty dark, he says it’s actually a very positive song as it’s about taking back control, daring to say no and doing whatever he wants no matter other people’s opinions. The production is smoother and more conventional than on the previous track which highlights Dylan’s vocal abilities. 

The next song is the one the EP is named after and one Fraser had been teasing for weeks on his youtube channel, posting covers of songs mentioning “storm” or anything weather related either in the title or lyrics. The opening riff puts you straight in the right headspace as it sounds like it belongs in a movie scene in which a character is running for their life. The lyrics show Dylan is ready to take on anything life may throw at him. I suggest you check out the stripped performance of the song he posted on his youtube channel.

“I Do These Things For Me”  is more simplistic lyrically, which works really well because it emphasises the meaning of the song. Fraser says it’s about the internet and how you see everyone posting about things they are going to do and achieve but nothing really ever happens. There’s no point in doing things if they’re just for show, the only way you’ll truly be fulfilled is if you do them for yourself. You keep that in mind, and if you ever need to be reminded, just click play! 

The final track, but certainly not the least appreciated, is called “Intentions” and has slightly more hip-hop influences than the other ones. It shows his good heart and desire to remain true to himself and his beliefs in spite of the industry already trying to change him. 

Dylan may still be young but seems wise beyond his age and with how good and mature “The Storm” already sounds even though this is only his first EP, we know this is only the beginning for him and he’s going to do great things that we cannot wait to hear about. 

Personal favourites : “Face Tattoo” and “Intentions”. What are yours? 🙂 

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