We are back with the 21th edition of our FAVORITE TRACKS MONDAY playlist! Sit tight, lay down..stand up maybe? Whatever makes you comfortable and get ready for the best tracks of this week! Mondays suck, we know,  but we can make it better with those girl power anthems. Let’s start off with the beautiful Ella and her catchy single Oops Oops, followed by Tic Tac (Ya Baby) by Mischa, aka the perfect song if you got your eyes on someone. We can slow it down with Filler 2.0 by the talented Estella Dawn, with soft and pretty lyrics. Boys, no, we did not forget you. Let’s enjoy our last month of vacation with Andy Martin and turn it up when you hear Heat of It All! Dear readers, don’t be shy, tell us which song got your attention on Instagram.

Check out the full playlist below & give your new favourite artists some love! Pssst, we also made it easier for you, here’s their instagram:

SamTrax ft. Amber OlivierSally Boy QinnIcon South ft. Neko SavvyLateNightSlide ft. Kayne MartinWinslowAndy MartinMischaSirota ft. YoderClaire MaistoHimmat Singh B Wade EllaEstella DawnMax Wells ft. Dylan Rockoff

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