Last day of August and last FAVOURITE TRACKS MONDAY of the summer, but we are going out with a boom! Welcome to the #23th edition of our weekly playlist. Let’s start with Nyne, the Australian born singer and Soundcloud sensation, her new single Villain is the ego boost we all needed. Combining pop and rap together, Nyne delivers strong lyrics that are still stuck in our head. Next, we have the Brooklyn based singer Chloe Lilac. At TBC, we love her songwriting skills and her soft yet powerful voice so it doesn’t come as a surprise that her song Douchebag is in our playlist! Watch out for Chloe Lilac, she’s got a promising career ahead of her and we can’t wait to see what the future has in store for her. Speaking of talented and powerful artists, we have to mention Saiah and his song (BLACK)Planet. Only a few seconds in and you’ve already saved the song on your phone. Slow Summer by Zachary Knowles had the same effect, it was saved on our phone before the chorus hit. A dreamy, almost angelic sound and the song captures perfectly this summer’s unique vibe. Check it out and tell us what you think on Instagram. Don’t be a stranger!

Check out the full playlist below & give your new favourite artists some love!
Pssst, we also made it easier for you, here’s their instagram:

Nyne Chloe LilacSaiahKatelin AragonEmily VuLily MckenzieManila Grey ft. Azel NorthJulia BluMadi RindgeLaney LynxKat SaulDrew VisionCourtney ColeChelZachary Knowles


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