To slowly start everyone’s favourite season, we have for you a really chill version of our FAVOURITE TRACKS MONDAY playlist this week. So go get your hot chocolate, sit on your favourite chair (or bed, we won’t judge), and open your Spotify app. To start, we HAVE TO highlight Carpark by JÀNA: a really soothing R&B track which reminds us of one of our favourite artists, Banks. Still on our R&B track, we find Mamii and her song Blonde Boy, Pt.2, which a bit more upbeat but whose vibes remind us of our beloved Frank Ocean. But we’re not stopping here, let’s go to London next with JGrrey and her soul track Half Full. Another gem that we found this week was New Peace by Satchit, which is perfect for this fall weather! We’ll let you discover the full playlist on our Spotify account.

You know that’s (obviously!) not all, but we’ll let you discover the rest by yourself… So check out the full playlist below & give your new favourite artists some love:

PjpoppyPasquale GeeKeni Can FlyJGreeyTHEOSatchitDahboseStephen Flicknerbrother sundanceMamiiBAYLIMajoGINGELOMELIJÀNA

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