We’re back with our favourite Monday playlist and we’re hoping to warm your days and ears despite the rainy & cold (& rainy) weather. So let’s start this 27th FAVOURITE TRACKS MONDAY with Stella Brown, also known as the perfect track to gently wake up, made by Jelani Aryeh. An alternative R&B gem just like we love with lyrics approaching shyness in a poetic way. Let’s switch up now with the super cool Baby Queen and her track Buzzkill in which she sings about depression on top of some catchy pop rhythm: she’s the perfect blend between Lorde and Charli XCX. Next, we have something not to be missed: Bachata, which is graceful sang by the smooth vocals of Nakala, with a catchy production that reminds us our favourite 90s tracks (with a flamenco touch!). We’re finishing this FAVOURITE TRACKS MONDAY with Lipstick, by Ricky Himself, and we just know this alt-dancing track will make your week better.


You know that’s (obviously!) not all, but we’ll let you discover the rest by yourself… So check out the full playlist below & give your new favourite artists some love:

Pjpoppy – Pasquale Gee – Keni Can Fly – JGreey – THEO – Satchit – Dahbose – Stephen Flickner – brother sundance – Mamii – BAYLI – Majo – GINGE – LOMELI – JÀNA

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