At TBC, we help you find your way amongst the best new tunes of the week with our FAVOURITE TRACKS MONDAY playlist, showcasing the 15 best new tracks that grabbed our attention. But today, we’re adding a brand new category named FRIDAY’S LATEST to gather the biggest projects out each week, which means more music for you!

So let’s star! We end this week with the best only in French rap. First with Damso and his long-awaited album QALF. 14 tracks, each one as powerful as the other, and some big names such as Hamza, Lous and The Yakuza and Fally Ipupa, all adding their own sparkle to the Belgian rapper’s project. And if you were wondering, 911 and BXL ZOO are our favourites!

Next, we find the beautiful Lous and The Yakuza on her own track, Amigo, and its catchy pop sound that make us want to dance all night. The song offer a really different vibe from her duet with Damso, Coeur En Miettes: another way for the artist to showcase her talent and her great versatility. Such a nice preview for her upcoming album Gore, set to be released on October 16th. (ECOUTER)

And finally, we end this French touch with the legend that is Medine, and his track Grand dla Tess featuring Hatik. This is the second track from the two rappers, after Hatik’s Baguette Magique released earlier this year. A collaboration that our ears appreciate greatly, thanks to the perfect blend of the two artists’ worlds. (ECOUTER)

We now make a trip across the pond, to see what our American friends are up to! Or shall we say, Canadian, as Justin Bieber made its big come back with Holy, alongside his friend and collaborator Chance The Rapper. And actually, this isn’t the first time the two of them have worked with each other: their first collaboration, Confident was released in 2013, time flies! 7 years later, we (re)discover them on a track that preaches love and faith, on a musical background reminding us of Gospel music. The music video was released as well, and was directed by Colin Tiller, who also worked on the iconic WAP video. According to Justin, Holy is the beginning of a new musical era for him. We’re looking forward to hearing what he’s been working on in his studio!

But let’s not stop here, as it is now Ava Max’s turn, who released her debut album Heaven & Hell. Filled with tracks that can only remind us of our beloved 2000s, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry. A perfect pop cocktail that will seduce anyone, thanks to its simplicity. (ECOUTER)

And finally, we’ll leave you with Cowboy In LA, from LANY. The track will be on their upcoming album Mama’s Boy, available on October 2nd. The indie band still knows how to mix their old sound with a more modern vibe, which helps them keep their own artistic identity while still pushing forward. We’re big fans of the 90s vibes that we can find in the first three tracks available from their third album.

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Original post written by Amelia Anouar.

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