We’re back with the second edition of FRIDAY’S LATEST! Album wise, we have something for everyone so get your earphones out!

The long-awaited album from new French pop sensation, Wejdene, 16, is now available on all streaming platforms. The tracks Anissa and Coco, which propelled the young singer to starlet rank, are featured on the album, along with 10 other songs. Very pop, very catchy, very 2020 – at TBC, we’re pretty sure it will be a hit. Our favourite songs are 16 and Miel (Honey), what are yours? 

For pop rock fans, MGK is back with his 5th album Tickets To My Downfall. The artist’s new sound is a little different than his usual one, much closer to the rap genre though the guitars and general musical universe is alternative. Featuring on the album are Halsey, Blackbear, Iann Dior or Trippie Red and Travis Baker on the production, which brings us back to the 2010 Warped Tour. A very different album but very addictive since it’s been on repeat ever since the release. We advise you listen to My Ex’s Best Friend and Kiss Kiss!

We couldn’t talk about this Friday’s releases without mentioning the masterpiece that is Sufjan Stevens’s album, The Ascension. Over an hour-long experience that is almost spiritual and that passes much too fast. While this project may not be for everyone, it’s impossible not to recognise the artistic quality of it as well as the work behind each song. Video Game and Die Happy deserve your attention! 

Finally, the last album to have caught our attention is Nectar by Joji. If you’re looking for something unique, Joji is an excellent choice, his artistic identity is bewitching. 18 tracks that will get you high, with appearances from Diplo, Lil Yatchi, Omar Apollo, Rei Brown, BENEE and Yves Tumor, no less! It is the perfect mix between RnB and indie. Special mention for Pretty Boy and Daylight



And now for this Friday’s singles! Zayn Malik makes his great comeback with Better, 3 years after his latest album and at TBC, we feel like we’re in Heaven! The music video is available as well! The former One Direction member is back with a sweet and smooth track, which highlights his voice and talent. 

Do you remember 2019 tune Roxane? « Roxane, Roxane, all she wanna do is party all night… » Well, its author, Arizona Zervas released his new single RIP! Still as catchy and with the same theme, love and fame. Easy listening!

We continue with A.tibbz and his song Faces. If you like The Weeknd or Drake then you should give him a chance! Straight from Boston, A.tibbz know how to mix RnB and Soul to create his own musical universe. A 3-minute trip that is well worth the detour!

At last, we end this week’s edition on a French touch! Da Uzi released today Boys Band, extract from the Art De Rue project. Unsurprisingly, it’s an awesome track, the gold record rapper has managed to settle into the French rap scene as a starter. We are fans!

See you all next week! Find us on Instagram and don’t hesitate to share  your Friday favourites! 

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