Lucky 7! We’re back for our 7th edition of our FRIDAY’S LATEST round-up, with 7 projects selected just for you! (nahh, don’t thank us..okay, you’re welcome!).

Oh Canada, land of the hot ministers and talented artists, what would we do without you? Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber gifted us Monster, the duet of the year. The track approaches the difficulties found by the two young artists, mainly linked to their sudden stardom and the darker backstage of the music industry. The lyrics allow us to take a better look into the issues the two superstars are facing. Shawn Mendes actually already had Monster for a little while, when him and Justin Bieber got in touch. After a phone call, it got settled and Justin joined him on the song. Monster will be available on Shawn‘s upcoming album Wonder, out on December 4th. To wait until then, here’s the music video:


It’s now Miley Cyrus‘ turn to make her come back with Prisoner. Along with the beauty that is Dua Lipa, who keeps on releasing new featurings, the track is a hit! Pop-rock sounds and a video that would make the biggest 80’s rockstars blush, we’re more than in love! Miley‘s album will be available on November 27th and we can’t wait!


Iann Dior, Gen Z’s favourite rapper released Holding On. A track that doesn’t betray his usual style, but we’ll just never get tired of it. Iann Dior raps with ease on a catchy prod, which makes him one of the most streamed rappers of the moment. (LISTEN HERE)

Let’s continue with the talented Salem Ilese and her track Coke and Mentos. Her inspiration? A game during a road trip with her boyfriend, and boom! The track came to life, just like that. The American artist made herself a name on the internet by releasing the song Mad At Disney, which was acclaimed by her fellow Gen-Z supporters on TikTok. Since then, she’s been following the road of success thanks to her fizzy-pop universe. (LISTEN HERE)

Annnd we’re back home! French artists never stop working either. Kalash Criminel released his album Sélection Naturelle, and le’ts take a second to look at the incredible artwork. The record comes with featuring that wouldn’t let anyone indifferent, including some work with Jul, Nekfeu and Niska. Kalash ends the month with a boom!



Next, our big coup de coeur for Survie from Zola, who is also coming through with a bang! Leto and SCH are with him on two tracks, Ma Jolie and 9 1 1 3. (LISTEN HERE)

And finally, to end this beautiful list, we’re going to Italia, Milano to be more precise! We’re meeting up with the upcoming rapper Sfera Ebbasta and his new album FAMOSO. J Balvin, Lil Mosey, Future and Diplo, among others all follow each other throughout the album. And if you want more, Sfera recently released a full movie telling us all about his atypical story, available on Amazon Prime (perfect for our endless netflix & chill nights!).



See you next Friday!

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