Get Ready for Layke’s Frequency!

Before Frequency, Layke’s third EP comes out, we decided to interview the talented singer and get the latest scoops for our dear readers! Layke is an artist you don’t want to miss out on so let’s Get To Know her.

First things first, we wanted to know a bit more about her stage name “Layke”. Like many other artists, Layke (born Juliette Giuseppe) has “a very big first name and a very big last name, an Italian one, and most people mispronounced it.” So that was one of the reasons the singer tells us. But that’s not it. Another reason was that she moved from the rock world to the pop world which was a pretty significant change for the artist. It required a lot of growing pains and growing into herself. “It felt like it was a shedding of skin and that this was a new era for me as an artist. So I wanted to start that with something fresh as a jumping off point” she added. And just like that, Layke was born.

As for the music video that you can watch below, the Bad Things singer shares with us the behind the scenes’ story:



We shot it [the music video] at my house at the beginning of July with only four people, one of which was my roommate. So it was the director Aurlie Davis, Zenna Hodge on the glam, and my roommate Mars Valentine creative directing and assisting.” She explains before adding that there were doubts about how the video was going to turn out: “we literally had a shoestring budget and four people but it was an amazing experience. It was one of those things where everything just came together perfectly and what we came out of the shoot with was I think incredible and I’m so so excited about it I couldn’t be more pleased!” Sometimes, passion is all that is needed. And talent. Luckily Layke possesses both!

But let’s dive into the song Bad Things too. Layke wrote it with ‪Adrian Gurvitz‬ her producer and Brandon Colbein who is also an artist and songwriter. It’s an anthem for the LGBTQ+ community. We’ve asked the singer to walk us through the production process and here’s what she told us: “When I arrived at the studio that day Brandon asked me if there was anything in particular that was weighing on my mind because I think he could see in my face that I was struggling a little bit. And I had been getting some judgment from friends about my sexuality and how openly vocal I was being about it”. Layke, as a bisexual/pansexual individual, felt like she didn’t belong anywhere and that’s where the inspiration for Bad Things came from. We wanted to know if growing up Layke had a comfort song, like Bad Things can be for people now, and it turns out the artist is a big fan of Queen, whose singer Freddie Mercury fought the same fight, decades ago. “My favorite all-time Queen song is actually “Under Pressure” which is with ‪David Bowie‬. The words the melody the music everything about that song is literal perfection in my mind.”



So music was always somehow present in Juliette’s mind, but it’s in her second half of high school that she realized her love for music had turned into a possible career choice: “I started turning my poems into songs because I always wrote and it all started to make sense.” The soon to be singer started making plans and moving to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams.

Music is a big part of Layke’s life but so is her activism, both go hand in hand for the singer. “I feel like if you have a platform, especially if you are privileged ie a white person, you must use that platform to make this world better in any way that you can.” The singer uses her platform and her art to make a difference: “That is extremely important…to be supportive, to elevate other people that need it. Otherwise, what’s the point.” This explains why, if she could be remembered for something, she’d choose her heart. “I feel and love hugely and immensely. And I put my heart on my sleeve and all of that into my music” she tells us.



Some of you might have discovered the singer when Happier with ‪Snoop Dogg‬ came out. The singer shares with us her favorite artists and who she’d like to work with in the future. In the first position is Garbage because of her love Shirley Manson, second place is the talented FKA Twigs, closely followed by Diana Gordon.

Last but not least. We asked Layke what we can expect from her latest project Frequency and her answer just made us even more excited! “Frequency definitely takes you on a journey. I wanted people to really feel things deeply and this music to affect them and make them want to get up and dance and also do things to make the world a better place. I wanted people to feel deeply, move, and want to say something about what’s going on after they hear this EP.” Well we’re excited for this journey! Here’s the tracklist as a bonus: “Frequency”, “Bad things”, “Tonight Can’t Be the Last Time”, “XOXO” and “Going Out On a High”!

You can find Layke on Instagram and check out her song Bad Things below!


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