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During the lockdown, when days seemed to all blend together, we have spent quite a lot of time wasting away watching various people’s instagram lives. Amongst those very entertaining people was H.E.R, our favourite two times Grammy winner. The California native went live once a week, partnering with brands such as Fender or Amazon Music in order to raise funds. H.E.R decided to center her little show around female musicians, therefore calling it “Girls With Guitars”. ‘What a wonderful idea!’ was the first thought that crossed our minds. In an industry where women are always on thin ice, these kinds of initiatives are always greatly appreciated. Then we thought, ‘why not!’, why wouldn’t we do our bit and share some amazing guitar playing ladies? So here we are, jumping on the bandwagon and showcasing 5 of our favourite artists, buckle up kids!


How could we not start this list with the most badass girls? Led by Lydia Night, The Regrettes is the band we wish we had had growing up. Their music is at a crossroads between 60s doo woop, Riot grrrl punk and current pop: a skilful mix that makes our inner raging feminist very happy. With Genessa Gariano as their lead guitarist and Brooke Dickinson playing bass, the band’s show are never boring, always sprinkled with just enough head banging and mosh pits. Their latest album ‘How Do You Love?’ (Warner Records) is the perfect blend of love and angst which you have to listen to at full volume to truly appreciate it if you ask us.



Cehryl may have grown up playing piano but we fell in love with her guitar skills. The singer from Hong Kong put us under her spell with poetic lyrics and soft melodies. For our greatest pleasure The Berklee College of Music graduate is going to join Jeremy Zucker on his tour which like a majority of events had to be postponed. If Cehryl’s the one writing all of her lyrics, she is also the brain behind all the recording, producing and mixing of her songs so we have to give credit where it’s due and applaud the young woman’s work. The young singer puts our soul at peace with her song ‘Callus’ while her hypnotic and minimal latest single ‘superbloom’ is a bittersweet reminder of the ups and downs of immature love.





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Coming in hot from the British capital is Aziya (az-eye-ya , don’t get it wrong people!). That girl is so divine we can’t truly decide if we want to be her or be with her. Aziya does not have any original music out (yet) but guessing from the snippets shared on her Instagram there is no doubt her first record is going to be impressive. As for now, we will keep enjoying the covers she posts, which range from bossa nova classic ‘Mas Que Nada’ to Polly Jean Harvey’s rocking ‘This Is Love’. The IMG signed model seems to be the gift that keeps on giving as she goes from playing acoustic to electric guitar, then switches to piano while also DJing on the side. Is there even anything this woman can’t do?



Lindsey is barely seventeen and has us wondering how so much talent can fit in such a small human. With neo-soul vocals and always a guitar at hand, we are pretty sure Lomis is Bruno Major and Tori Kelly’s long-lost daughter! Lomis knows exactly how to combine youthful innocence with outstanding voice control in her latest singles ‘Feel’ (a catchy pop song with a funky bass line) and ‘Bones’ (an empowering anthem ruled by thumping drums). The young singer does not let us catch our breath as she is also coming out with a record featuring the queen of pop that is JoJo. Lindsey Lomis feels like a breath of fresh air and we’re very eager to find out what the future has in store for her!




just a reminder that ‘go’ comes out on friday😋🤭 who’s excited? ❤️ #fyp #foryou #trending #viral #featureme #trending

♬ original sound – Cat Burns

Honest lyrics and luxurious vocals are the main ingredients of Cat Burns’ music. From the notorious BRIT school to growing an audience of over 500k followers on Tiktok, she is representative of the new generation of musicians whose passion oozes through the screen. The Londoner knows how to get our attention with relatable songs like ‘Sober’ (drunken calls, haven’t we all been there?) but she also cradles our heavy hearts with ‘I Don’t Blame You’. The singer’s latest single ‘Go’ is filled with heartfelt lyrics which put an end to a toxic relationship, the whole thing laid out on a calm guitar sequence . Cat Burns knows just how to lay her feelings bare and then wrap them up with the prettiest harmonies (and we’re not complaining).




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