God Damn, Tejdeen drives us crazy!

Let’s take a peek at the underground French rap’s scene with rapper and beatmaker, Tejdeen. If you’re into French rap, you may already know Tejdeen, but if you don’t it doesn’t matter, we will tell you everything you need to know!
« J’veux lui ouvrir mon cœur qu’elle remplisse le vide / J’veux qu’on slalome entre les langues de vipères. »
– Difficile
Tejdeen is the mix between French and American sounds we didn’t know we needed. Making us vibe to it, slowly moving our head and dreaming of palm trees. The young artist is no amateur. In the music industry since 2015, you can find him on all streaming platforms with Aaliyah and numéro 10, but this year we got lucky with Silver Tej, an EP of 5 tracks which perfectly embraces a hypnotic and chaotic universe.

The project reminds us of how important aesthetics are, both visually and sound wise. They’re the roots of cloud rap, a genre that is becoming more and more popular in France thanks to Laylow, Kalash and Luidji, three french rappers who mastered it. A minimalist cover in silver tones, shiny grillz, a simple tracklist and a video produced by Augure, this time in golden tones that create the perfect vibe for God Damn, the IT track of the EP. Heavy atmosphere, low voice, dark and romantic fantasies… We can only appreciate the creative and perfectionist side of the rapper. Let’s not forget that he is an independent artist, he overviews everything from lyrics to production. Tejdeen’s talent is hard to miss.

The French cloud scene remains one of the most interesting to follow, we will let you discover it with Silver Tej!
Post written by Amelia Anouar.

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