Jessie Reyez unveils new single Far Away ahead of her European tour

“I feel what you feel when you’re far way / it’s been a hundred days since I’ve kissed your face.”

These are the words Jessie Reyez (FMLY Records) chose for the chorus of her new single Far Away. The first record from her long-awaited debut album checks every single box on the Jessie Reyez checklist: beautiful vocals, amazing production and, most importantly, the singer taking a stand. Indeed, even though the record might just sound like a love song at first, with its slow tempo and chill vibes, by listening closely we soon realize Reyez wrote about the immigration crisis. The point she is trying to get across becomes obvious with the music video, directed by Peter Huang, which displays two lovers being torn apart by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement). Jessie and her boyfriend slow dance to her song at a family gathering when the officers break into the room with smoke grenades and dogs to detain the man. The staging of the music video makes sense once we pick up lyrics like “Been feelin’ like the government wants us to break up” in the song.  The issue hits close to home for the singer whose Colombian parents had to wait for 16 years to finally have their papers legally approved. Now that she has a platform, Jessie Reyez has made it a goal to raise awareness around the topic hence why she shared the name of 3 non-profit organizations in the press release for Far Away.


The artist’s new single came out barely a week after she announced three European tour dates including Berlin (October 30th), Amsterdam (November 4th) and Paris (November 6th) and tickets are now available, except for Amsterdam which has sold out already. The Backstage Club cannot wait to see the show of the girl who went as far as injuring her back from too much crowd surfing (yes, that’s a thing apparently), so we’ll see you at the Paris show!


Written by @Intzagram

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