Jodeci : A nostalgic ride into YG Pablo’s sentimental regrets

While he teases us a new EP, a little more each day, planned for the end of the year on his Instagram page, YG Pablo continues to make us wait by delivering this week the music video for Jodeci. With this title in tribute to the new jack swing quartet of the 90s, the young Belgian continues to play with different musical styles and takes us a little more into his universe. Used to mixing genres, YG Pablo delights in rap, RnB, soul or trap and perfectly represents the new wave of rappers who know how to mix styles brilliantly. Closely followed by his mentor Damso, the rapper found success last February with the track AVM (Avoues-moi), which peaked at 1 million views on Youtube, and delivered his first EP Super in April. Recently signed with Believe, a label specializing in supporting independent artists, YG Pablo can keep some freedom, which is very important to him. “I want to be able to be in control of the outings that I am going to make, the videos that I am going to make, and the image that I am going to give off. This is something that is important to me,” he explained to Trends. Self-taught, he produced his first record by himself at barely 20 years old.



In Jodeci, the rapper tells us about his disappointments in love and questions himself, expresses his doubts and his melancholy. Alone and immersed in a universe staged by Alexandre Brehm & Anaïs Triantis in a video reminding us of thriller movies, the complex personality of the young man blends with his heady chorus, all that while the rapper is seen drinking Hennessy. If sanitary conditions allow it, YG Pablo will be on stage at La Boule Noire (Paris) on December 2nd 2020.

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