Julia Michaels stops in Paris for her Inner Monologue Tour

After being the opening act for artists like Niall Horan, Shawn Mendes, P!nk and Maroon 5, Julia Michaels (Republic Records) finally went on her own headlining tour and we just could not miss it. The Trianon, in Paris, was the 5th stop in the European leg of the Inner Monologue Tour and Julia did not disappoint.

Rhys Lewis opened the show with heart-wrenching vocals and guitar riffs that gave us chills, warming up the crowd which was very responsive. The British singer was actually quite surprised to hear his lyrics sang back to him and did an entire speech about how being the opener made him anxious however the audience that night made him forget about it all.

Julia Michaels started the show with an electrifying rendition of her cheeky song Pink, getting the crowd to shout the chorus at the top of their lungs even though it should only be whispered. From the very beginning of the show, the floor of the Trianon was shaking with the audience’s energy. The singer then went on to sing one of her collaborations with Clean Bandit titled I Miss You , with her musicians following her mimicking a marching band. She then sang the upbeat Make It Up To You, followed by her emotional record Worst In Me. Julia Michaels also has been known not to shy away from sexual topics and so she sang her song Heaven which she wrote for the Fifty Shades Of Grey franchise.

Michaels then took the time to talk about how this tour was her first as a headliner meaning that her first EP never had the chance to get a proper show. This explained how her performance was divided in two parts: songs from Nervous System and then Inner Monologue (1 & 2). Therefore, she started the second half of the show with her record Deep, only to then hype up the crowd with the angsty yet relatable Into You. The audience kept the same energy to yell the lyrics “I think I kill relationships for art!” from her song Happy Right After.

The Californian singer then decided to mingle with the crowd and took her mic stand and ukulele to the pit to sing a mashup of CeeLo Green’s Fuck You and Apple from her Inner Monologue EP. She took a moment to talk with her fans, complimented a few on their makeup skills (in true Julia fashion), before singing her song about her poor taste in men (or rather ‘boys’ as she says) titled Falling for Boys. She then went back up on stage to perform her songs Priest, Anxiety and Uh Huh. Rhys Lewis was brought back under the spotlights for an emotional rendition of her collab with Niall Horan called What A Time and finally, Julia closed the show with her multi-platinium record Issues.

Considering this was Julia Michaels’ first shot at being a headliner, the tattooed young lady did not disappoint and The Backstage Club was glad to have been there to witness it. Michaels was full of energy, gave wonderful advice and the show truly was a glimpse into her mind with lyrics that put words on thoughts we all have but won’t admit. Her band (Camila Mora on the keyboard, Brooke Alexander on the drums, Matt Kirkwood and Chris Null on guitar) also did an amazing job at creating such a great vibe which truly demonstrated how crucial they are for the show to be the way it is.

Written by @Intzagram

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