Keedron Bryant becomes one of the symbols of the #BlackLivesMatter’s movement with “I just wanna live”

VIDEO OF THE WEEK: George Floyd, a 46-year-old African American was killed by a white police officer in Minneapolis (USA) on Monday May 25th. His murder sparked many reactions and became one of the strong symbols of the #BlackLivesMatter movement. The United States has since been disturbed by protests against racism and police violence. Tributes are multiplying, including a particularly heartbreaking one by Keedron Bryant. Contestant from the 4th season of NBC’s Little Big Shots, the 12-year-old boy from Jacksonville (Florida) posted on Instagram a video called I just wanna live where he voices his feelings about recent events. Wearing a “Black Intelligence” sweater, Keedron sings that he is a “young black man doing all that he can to stand” and expresses his fears: “When I look around and see what’s being done to my kind (…) I just wanna live; God protect me, I just wanna live. “ 


By singing a cappella this gospel of less than a minute renamed I am a Young Black Man by the media from its first words, the young singer touched the whole world and his video went viral on social networks. Watched more than 2 million times, the sequence was shared by Lebron James, Janet Jackson and even Barack Obama. The former President of the United States used the emotion and the tragedy of Bryant‘s message to illustrate his reaction to the death of George Floyd: “My friend and Keedron may come from different backgrounds, but their anguish is the same, and I share it like millions of others”, he expressed via his Twitter account. Keedron Bryant’s song is on its way to becoming a hymn to the protests that are happening in his country by mixing hope and anger, and continues to be shared around the world.

Editor’s note: The music industry, as many other industries, has always been massively impacted by black & POC cultures but black & POC artists are still massively misrepresented on the charts, awards shows, TV, radios, playlists and many more public platforms. We all need to come together & help get their voices heard and this will only come from a change from all of us, platforms, record labels, publications, agencies, festivals, music venues, listeners. We need to come together and fight for justice, fight for basic human rights that those communities are not getting. What has been happening lately is not just happening in the US, this is happening in the UK, this is happening in France, this is happening all over the world. There is a lot of steps that we can take to help as much as we can but the first one is to get informed, understand their history, where they are coming from. There is a lot of resources available online on books to read, places to donate your money to, petitions to sign. Visit for a first look at some ways you can help. Do your research & start acting, now. All of that must lead to a drastic change because this can’t go on. This has been going on for way too long & it’s time for a change. 


Post written by Emilie Host.

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