lavender extends our summer with peppermint // home: so long

Looks familiar yet so new… This is how you can describe the very special feeling that lavender manages to give us with their peppermint // home: so long music video. Closing the summer softly, Adam and Oskar deliver a harmonious and soothing video, in which slices of the two artists’ lives follow one another. Between walks, relaxing times and giggles, we cross London with the duo. Our artists know the British capital very well: it’s the city where they both currently live and record their genre-breaking (& addictive!) music.



The duo is often seen collaborating in a studio located in the artistic and lively neighbourhood of Hackney Wick, where part of the video was shot. This association is almost due to chance because the duo didn’t intend to launch out in the spotlight, preferring to remain in control of what was happening behind the scenes. Their musical influences, the search for constant creativity, and the meeting with their manager made the magic work. Through peppermint // home: so long, a tasty mix of indie, hip-hop, RnB and even neo-soul, lavender has fun with samples, rhythmic accelerations, and vocal overlays. By sharing the video, the candid moments captured by Tom Lamotte and edited by Oskar allow us to get a look into their daily life and get familiar with their friends. A discovery that leaves us wanting to hear more… And while their first EP is on the work, the duo keeps sharing a glimpse of their own musical world by sharing their favorite tracks via their “lavender: isolation” station, out on Spotify each week.

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