Lennon Stella proves she’s already a star at La Maroquinerie


Lennon Stella. Some of us may remember her from the homemade covers she used to do with her little sister Maisy, others may know her from having binge watched all six seasons of Nashville. Either way, we’ve all grown to love the young Canadian’s voice. After releasing her first EP Love, me last November, Stella (Columbia) announced her first European tour and we obviously had to join the party for the Parisian show! 

We arrived at La Maroquinerie just in time to hear JP Saxe’s angelic voice laid on heavenly piano notes, the opener going from heart-wrenching lyrics to “fuck all the people that came before me” songs (..his words, not ours!). The audience started buzzing as soon as the lighting went red, Lennon’s signature color as it can be seen on her merch and posters. Right from the start, the singer showcased her vocal control and quite amazing range when singing her songs Bad, Feelings and Breakaway. The girl named after the Beatles singer could not stop smiling and kept gushing about how glad she was to finally sing her songs in the city of love and the crowd showed her just how appreciative they were by clapping their hands and screaming the lyrics at the top of their lungs. 

We were lucky enough to hear some unreleased songs like Black Light, Pretty Boy or the haunting Huey Lewis which will probably be on her upcoming debut album “Three. Two. One.”. Still, our favourite discovery of the night is the song that closed the show, Goodnight. A sweet yet sad lullaby about asking her lover to “not say goodbye, just say good night, ‘cause [they] know goodbye is the end”. 



Stella also added covers of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cindy Lauper and Rihanna’s Umbrella to the setlist, the crowd never missing a beat and enjoying her slower renditions of the songs. JP Saxe also joined her on stage to sing their latest duet Golf On TV, a wholesome song about how good love feels for them at the moment.

The show was a clear display of Lennon’s indie-pop style, which is far enough from what she used to do on Nashville or with Maisy. The singer’s signature harmonies and vulnerable lyrics gave us goosebumps but she then had us screaming her revenge song “BITCH” so we can clearly say it was an emotional rollercoaster!

We had such a great time at Lennon’s show that we now cannot wait for her album to come out so we can listen to it on repeat. The artist’s maturity truly showed up on stage, where she shined on guitar as well as on the piano, proving that the girl is already a gem at barely 19 years old.

Favourite songs: Feelings, Like Everybody Else, Huey Lewis, Goodnight

Post written by Intza

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