Lewis Capaldi brings us into his wacky but emotional world at L’Olympia


Lewis Capaldi – the Scottish singer-songwriter behind the 2 tracks Bruises and Rush quickly found himself in the spotlight. His latest hit Someone You Loved topped the charts last year all over the world, including the United States.

The 23-year-old artist, who started music as a hobby at the age of 9, never thought to have the privilege of making it a career. But now, he’s currently touring across 7 countries to present his debut album, Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent. And we couldn’t miss his show in Paris!

Lewis Capaldi (Universal Music) made his well-awaited appearance in the City of Lights at L’Olympia on February, 12th. He came on stage a little before 9pm for what turned out to be a breathtaking succession of performances, punctuated by amusing touches that had the crowd laughing several times.

The artist opened with the song Grace, his voice full of power and emotion, captivating and preparing the audience for a bewitching evening’s sequel. He then took a few minutes to share with us some French sentences, just like : “je suis gros, je suis très gros” (I’m fat, I’m very fat). After making everyone in the crowd laugh kindly, he followed up with One, a song about thanking his girlfriend’s ex for letting her go.

Just before performing Hollywood with a more dancing and vibrant melody this time, he asked the audience to not clap their hands because, to quote him: “this is a fucking sad song, do not enjoy it”. What a funny one! Of course, fans were unable to refrain themselves from shaking the Olympia’s floor.



We have to say, rare are the artists that interact that much with the audience during their concert but when Capaldi wasn’t holding the crowd with his passionate and emotional ballads such as Lost on You or Before You Go, he made sure to make the room laugh with his jokes and little anecdotes between each song. The evening then followed with the performance of Fade which features an instrumental that is very reminiscent of Radiohead’s songs.

During the show, he also got gifts from fans just as stuffed anaconda, a drawing of himself or even a pair of vans. After taking them, he warmly thanked the audience for coming to the concert and also for giving him “all his hard-earned money throughout the year”. Our pleasure, Lewis!

The concert came to an end with Someone You Loved, a heart-wrenching song he wrote for his grandmother. It was one of the concert’s highlights and magical moments with all the audience singing each of the lyrics in perfect unison.

Lewis Capaldi is a rough diamond, authentic, who remains true to himself on stage. Through his voice, he succeeds to hit everyone with an infinite amount of emotions and brings his song to life. And for that, we want to thank him for sharing a part of his soul with us.

The artist was also able to entertain his fans in any possible way during this 90-minute show and take us into his wacky world full of surprises.

Favorite songs: Forever, Hollywood and Grace.


Original post written by Lilia Chebelaine, translated by Chloé Soares.

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