lilspirit, your favourite blue haired ghost ready to take over the world

If you’re familiar with the underground soundcloud music scene, then you might have come across lilspirit’s name before. If not, get ready to discover your new favourite artist.

Born Geno Gitas, the 19 year-old found his way to our ears after dropping the self-produced ‘Ugly’ on the streaming platform back in October 2019. Soon after, the song got into the hands of the rising record label Internet Money, a company closely affiliated with fellow soundcloud rappers iann dior and Lil Tecca, which decided straight away to sign the R&B prodigy. Since then, lilspirit has been releasing multiple viral hits, including the catchy droptopbitch and the emotional come home under the Internet Money name. Last week, our favourite friendly blue haired ghost dropped his long-awaited debut record: a 32 minutes long project featuring 14 tracks, all telling us the story of your not-so-typical 19 year-old American teenager.


His debut album American Spirit, produced with the help of his Internet Money family, is the perfect combination of lilspirit’s gift for ethereal pop and R&B melodies and dreamy vocals. Tracks like come home and parasite reach out to your deepest feelings, and touch your soul in a way that only lilspirit has the secret. And when it comes to lyrics, lilspirit knows to never shy away from his true emotions. Intense love, toxic relationships, drugs and loneliness, lilspirit‘s words seem to each find their way into our head, letting us into his own little world, one story at a time.


Although lilspirt’s R&B vocals can’t be compared to any other soundcloud rapper’s, his production and choice of words is never too far away from his lo-fi roots, finding his way back to his first influence on tracks like nothing2prove and droptopbitch. With a more upbeat melody and a more seductive narrative, songs like those ones remind us of lilspirit‘s versatility and show us how at ease he can be with any given genre.

We warned you: get ready for lilspirit because what we found here isn’t common and we just know this guy will soon take over the world…

Favourite tracks: come home, droptopbitch, sins, parasite

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