Lily DENNING: the catchy UK bedroom-pop rising act

We’re back with a new GET TO KNOW feature, introducing today the talented Lily Denning (The Project Records).


The 20-year-old singer-songwriter from Kent, UK, started writing her own songs when she was about 11 years old but grew up always surrounded by music as her dad is very musical himself. Her debut single, “Armageddon”, was released in February 2019 and introduced us to a bold, strong, independent young artist. “Me, Myself and I”, another electro-pop track reinforcing her self-confident and empowered image, was released as her second single in August 2019 and was produced by Grammy-nominated Will Hicks. But it’s in between those two songs, in March 2019, that she featured on “So Cold” by DLMT and Mahalo, which you may have heard before if you are into EDM as it charted at number 1 in Billboard’s Dance/Mix Show Airplay. This collaboration gave her more recognition and helped her realise she enjoys writing with/for others more than she thought she would: “I actually loved taking a step back and learning about what someone else wants to say through their music”. If she were to collaborate with another artist again, she would love for it to be a rapper as she has always loved rap music, she actually had an obsession with Tinie Tempah when she was 12 and he was one of the first artists she saw live: “I cried the entire way through whilst having fake Tinie Tempah tattoos on my cheeks. I also remember being so excited by the energy he had on stage and thinking to myself I want to do that”, it’s safe to say that that experience positively impacted her career choice, although her aspirations were always pretty clear as she says herself she has “never really properly considered anything other than pursuing music as a career”.



When asked about her creative process, Lily says that she has “recently been getting more into the actual production of my songs which I find is helpful in terms of starting an idea, and then usually the melody over the top and lyrics come last.” With the UK being on lockdown for the major part of the first half of this year, it is no surprise that Lily had time to master her skills and work on new music. Her latest single “Spit It Out” came out on June 26th, 2020 and was featured in Billboard’s 10 Cool New Pop Songs. Along with the song, she released a cool homemade music video that was filmed on her sister’s phone. A family of many talents, then!



The music industry is constantly changing and evolving and while there are many great things about it, it also has its faults and the current situation gives everyone lots of time to reflect on it all. We asked Lily her opinion: “My favourite thing about the music industry is the constant new amazing music that is being released but also I feel a sense of everyone coming together to stand up for the issues they feel strongly about and vocalise this on their own platforms – especially during the BLM movement there is a huge sense of solidarity and determination to make a change. My least favourite thing currently is the struggle all artists are facing through Covid and the lack of live performances but also the inequality that still exists throughout parts of the industry”. Obviously, Lily agrees that, now more than ever, social media is a necessity and artists need to be active on their platforms: “At the moment especially social media is such a crucial part of sharing what you’re working on and building your audience whilst there are no live shows which is hard but it also keeps everyone connected which is of course important!”


If you want to follow her journey you can find her on Facebook and Instagram : “I prefer Instagram as I have a bigger audience on there and feel like its more casual – also I have less of my parents friends on Instagram so don’t feel so conscious of what I’m posting!” …you know what to do! 

Obviously, we couldn’t leave without a bonus question! So, Lily, if you had to choose just one song to listen to for the rest of your life, which one would it be? “At the moment I’d have to choose Surface by Etta Bond because it has such a positive feel and I don’t think I could get bored of it anytime soon”. And as she explained to us, her inspirations both musically and lyrically at the moment are people like Mahalia, Stormzy, Little Simz and Sylvan Esso, although her biggest inspiration has always been Banks: “she’s always been doing something so unique and beautiful”, so if you like any of those artists, you should definitely check her music out! 

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