Lolo Zouaï unveils the touching DESERT ROSE music video


VIDEO OF THE WEEK: The French-Algerian R&B singer Lolo Zouaï unveiled this week the touching music video for Desert Rose. Taking place in North-Africa, the video follows Lolo as she tries to (re)connect with her roots, taking some time to observe the practices of her elder and playing with the local kids. As the video goes on, we see her struggling to fully connect with the people surrounding her, feeling like a stranger in her homeland.


 “Inshallah, that’s what you say / You think I lost my faith / You won’t speak my name.”

The video was shot in Essaouira, Morocco and beautifully represents a feeling shared by many, bringing a sense of nostagia, sadness and hope. Talking about the song, Lolo Zouaï shared that she wrote it as a personal letter from her to her family, adding Arabic words in the hope that they would finally understand her and her choice of pursuing a career in the music industry. In a current media landscape with very few Arabic and North-African representations, Zouaï shared a powerful narrative in which she courageously tries to find her true self, despite the cultural differences that she might has to face against her own family.

Lolo Zouaï will be back in France at Le Trabendo Paris, on Feb 20th (tickets available here) and will join Dua Lipa on her Future Nostalgia tour in the UK and in Europe (tickets available here).

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