Mae Muller had the audience hanging on to her every word at Colours Hoxton

London born and raised singer Mae Muller has been making waves all around the country, most recently playing arena shows opening for pop group Little Mix on their UK tour. With venues such as London’s O2 Arena under her belt, Muller performed at the much more intimate Colours Hoxton (formerly Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen) for a headline show primarily geared to her hardcore fans. Though the 23-year-old only has one album (released earlier this year) and a handful of singles under her belt, she had the audience hanging on to her every word.

8 PM saw the opening act by the DJ CVSS kick-off, with recent commercial, R&B, and pop hits. The set was billed as a warm-up and for the most part did well to set the tone for the rest of the evening however was mostly tuned out by the gathered crowd of mostly teenaged females, eagerly awaiting Muller’s arrival on stage. The anticipation among the crowd grew, along with the crowd swelling in size, until Muller‘s band finally appeared on stage at 9 PM followed by Muller herself. The singer quickly dug into hit songs such as “Anticlimax” and “Jenny” aided for the first few songs by a 2-piece horn section that added a bit of a jazzy touch to Mae‘s pop/r&b vibe. The crowd, especially the front few rows, sang back every word, testifying to the young girl’s popularity and the relatability of these songs.

Sexually frank and at times zanily witty, her songs alternate between straight-up pop/r&b to a hint of a reggae influence. Songs such as ‘Anticlimax’ are kiss-offs to an ex with lines like “All my friends say I’m better than that/’Cause you don’t have a job/And you’re shit in the sack” and “I’ve got a new man who’s making me moan/And making up for the thing that you lack/All you are to me is one big anti-climax”. Muller debuted a new unreleased song in the same vein, with even more explicit lyrics, which we expect to be out soon. Other songs such as ‘The Hoodie Song’ are hornier and flushed with new love. Sample the lyrics “But I’m doing nothing today/I’m wearing your boxers all day/And you can take them off when you get here”. Muller sells all these lyrics with the confidence of a born diva and a certain characteristic London swagger, sticking out her tongue when she pulls off a small shimmy, to the delighted cheers of fans. Her band rather efficiently backs up her talent, though we do wish the horn players had stayed on for longer.

Being a tiny pop up show, the spectacle of a big pop show was missing, but the fans didn’t seem to be complaining. Mae Muller even had a little meet and greet soon after her set, when she came down and signed setlists and posed for pictures with waiting fans. The level of adoration was palpable, and fans who asked were obliged with warm hugs from her. All in all a wonderful outing for Mae Muller’s new material in the presence of her hardcore, but not much else for no one else.


Written by Aftab Khan.

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