MARSATAC: Review of the French festival

Nothing says summer like festivals! And to start off this year’s season the right way, The Backstage Club went to one of the best out there: the « Marsatac ». 3 days, 2 different spots, this festival is the melting pot of music, playing every kind of genre there is, but with a soft spot for urban and electro music. With a line up full of DJ’s, rappers, singers, musicians, there was something for everyone!

MARSATAC – Valentin Antonini

Friday the 14th:

The weekend starts off on Friday, a little bit late because of the south’s infamous’ winds which also wanted to party this night. It’s a little over 8pm, after everyone thought they might have to head back, that the Parc Chanot’s doors finally open…Marsatac knows how to make an entrance! The winning duo Caballero & JeanJass opens up on the main stage and the parc just fills up. Powerful titles worthy of the greatest American production is the secret of these two Belgians. Between having a laugh and speaking up about important issues, the duo knows how to maintain a perfect stage presence, maybe a tad too perfect. By being maybe too « misfit », not prone to fit in any category, but still completely under control, the duo may lose a bit of spontaneity. Nevertheless, the audience left on cloud nine and Caba & JJ under a cheerful applause.

Around 9:15, we headed to club Phocéen to discover an artist called Josman, a name that sounded vaguely familiar…and what a surprise! If Caba and JJ were missing a bit of spontaneity, it was the opposite for Josman, the young Parisian rapper. A live performance, unfiltered that left even the most reluctant people to rap grooving to it.

But no rest for the B-club, now heading to Le Grand Palais for the long-awaited performance of Marseille’s most notorious rapper, SCH. The rapper took us back by performing some of his first hits such as « Champs élysées » or « Je la connais ». It’s 11pm by then, the festival goes on among concerts and mixing tables made for the public to create their own beat and even bumber cars that delighted everyone, from young to not so young. The night isn’t over just yet, with the same sense of curiosity that we felt for Josman, we decided to return to the Phocéen Club to discover Alpha Wann. If his name is strongly associated with the S-Crew (Nekfeu, 2zer Washington, Framal), Alpha Wann has been able to create his own community thanks to his talent and his honest, precise and strong titles.

This first night was the perfect appetizer and ends with the French electronic duo The Blaze, enough to make us want to come back for more!

Saturday the 15th:

Here we are again, impatient for the second day of the famous festival. We can’t feel our feet but that’s common festival culture right? It’s okay though, we are here and we are excited.

So we decided to begin our second day by going to the first set of the evening to see the group COLUMBINE, which as we could all see, really went all the way: re-adapting their sounds for the event? Check. Landing on the stage with a big bike? Check. Moshpits? Check. Coming back after leaving? Check. The incredible energy they had on stage gave them multiple well earned thunderous applause, ending the live performance with a huge moshpit for their famous song « Adieu Bientôt ».

COLOMBINE – Valentin Antonucci

We are now running to our next appointment and why one may ask? To see the one and only S.PRI NOIR, having heard echoes of his rapper friends, including Nekfeu we knew we were going to witness some magic. S.Pri Noir also knew, we, Marseillais were going to be one lit audience, but not to this extent. Everyone was having the time of their life. Him sharing his feelings and his gratefulness of being there with us made the moment much deeper than we expected. Alternating between his chill sounds and his much heavier sounds, also taking the time, between the two, to do « the cosette » as we say (talking to the fans in a friendly way). The audience was able to sing along to the infamous line “Paris, Paris, f*ck you», which did not fail to make the rapper laugh who took it well and with humor.

The marathon continues with the arrival of Orelsan on the main stage, it was so crowded breathing was almost impossible, that’s what Orelsan does to people (yes, including us!). He owned the stage for an hour and a half alone, took the time to introduce his team and put each of them in the light. This moment was incredible, almost like a wakeup call that was very much needed, then again, this is what Orelsan does. He is sitting on the edge of the stage, facing us, as if he just wanted to give us a little life lesson, and I can guarantee you that he did.

ORELSAN – Valentin Antonucci

Ding ding, midnight is approaching, and the pretty IAMDDB makes an appearance for a session full of colors, full of charms and her famous sentences that she always finishes with “b*tch” makes her seems disconcerting yet intriguing at the same time. She gave us a very intimate moment and transported us to another world with each of her songs. But midnight is over, Cinderella must go and it’s a big disappointment to see her leave the stage, we wouldn’t have minded a little more time with her talent.

IAMDDB – Valentin Antonucci


See you next year, Marsatac!

Post written with the help of Prescillia Colombo / Translated by Amelia Anouar.

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