Meet Dylan Fraser in the dark and intriguing path of Vipers

His fans were waiting for him, and they weren’t disappointed! Famous for his covers posted on Youtube and Instagram, Dylan Fraser released his very first original single, Vipers last week. The young Scottish boy, just signed to Atlantic Records, comes from the country’s new underground scene which mixes genres with subtlety and asserts a strong musical identity: if Fraser‘s verses are intimate and describe his torments over an indie vibe, his explosive choruses shatter any preconceptions that we may have about his vocal abilities and style. By adding his personal touch to his covers, Dylan Fraser has found a balance between hip-hop and folk, whose influences are felt: as if we had put Radiohead, Ben Howard, and Kanye West in a shaker.




The native of the small town of Bathgate has a clear ambition: to bring us into his own world, as offbeat, tormented, restless, and jerky as it is. The dark and mysterious video for Vipers allows us to enter the mind of the artist, who expresses here the uncertainties, choices, and decisions that led him to choose the path of music. Through the various images and the many landscapes, Dylan Fraser manages to transcribe the oppression, the doubts, and the battles that we have to wage against our own inner demons when we have to face our future. A successful first original try that makes us want to discover more!

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