It’s a fact, each Friday comes with the excitement of knowing new music from our favourite artists has been released.. So let’s take a closer look at what’s been out this week, & don’t forget to follow TBC on Spotify to check out the full playlist!


Artist: Angèle – Record Label: Angèle LV Record – Title: Perdus

Belgium’s very own, Angèle, is back! Her debut album ‘Brol’, out in 2018, will be reissued on November 8th and to celebrate, the boss lady released the brand new track ‘Perdus‘. The song benefits from a stronger r&b vibe than Angèle‘s previous work, and shows another side of the artist: it touches on the sad and confusing moments leading to a heartbreak. The new version of ‘Brol’ will include 7 new tracks, including an orchestral rendition of her hit song ‘Ta Reine’.



Artist: Harry Styles – Record Label: Columbia (Sony) – Title: Lights Up 

Fans have been patiently waiting for Harry Styles to come back with new music since he released his long-awaited debut album on April 7th 2017. All it took to get the word around was a single word tweet, “Do”, posted a couple days ago. That. Power! Little did we know, that tweet was announcing a website – DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE? – that sends you a lovely personalized reminder from Styles, teasing a totally new era coming from the ex One Direction member. And what’s better than releasing a new single to set the tone for that? ‘Lights up‘, a track filled with melancholy and hope, all in one.


Artist: James Arthur, Travis Barker – Record Label: Columbia (Sony) – Title: You

James Arthur strikes again with new track ‘You’ after releasing multiple singles announcing his third album studio, going by the same title. Featuring the legend that is Travis Barker, the track is an ode to being free and embracing your self strength. His third project, a 15 tracks LP is due to be released on October 18th, ahead of a 2020 UK and Euro tour.


Artist: The Neighbourhood, Death Stranding: Timefall – Record Label: Columbia (Sony) – Title: Yellow Box

Still as mysterious as ever, The NBHD unveiled their newest work, a track inspired and made for the Playstation 4 video games DEATH STRANDING. With a song full of secrets and blurry messages, the neighbourhood seem to be back on track with what was once their signature sound, a quite dark tone alongside enigmatic lyrics. ‘Yellow Box’ was released shortly after frontman Jesse Rutherford performed one of their biggest hits, ‘Daddy Issues’, with the queen of mystery herself, Lana Del Rey, during her live show at the iconic Hollywood Bowl, in Los Angeles.


Artist: KillASon – Record Label: SUPANOVA – Title: MEAN

Ahead of releasing his first debut album due to be out on October 25th, French rapper KillASon pleased us today with a new track titled ‘MEAN’. Full of bold punchlines and sharp puns, the song acts as a warning, his first LP will hit us strong and hit us hard! In Paris next month? KillASon will unveil his full project at Le Petit Bain on November 14th, don’t miss it!

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