OCTAVIAN: The frontman of a new UK hip-hop scene

He’s about to step on the stage of the Parisian Zenith arena, alongside A$AP ROCKY on June 26th & 27th. Time to discover who Octavian, the new frontman of a new UK rap scene is.

Born in Lille, France the 23-year-old rapper grew up in the multi-cultural neighbourhood of South-East London, in Peckham. A neighbourhood now celebrated for its hype restaurants and cool bars. But it’s in a very much different place that Octavian grew up in, only a few years ago. Homeless by the age of 14, the young Londoner had to fight to survive in an environment that gave him no chance. He had to wait until 2017 to see any glimpse of success, with the release of the track “Party Here”. The song put him at the front of the hottest UK scene at the moment, the rap and grime scene. With co-signs from Canadian rapper Drake, who took it to social media to sing alongside the lines of his debut single. A couple of years later, another big name of the current music scene showed his support: American DJ Diplo put Octavian on his latest EP “Europa”, a project gathering all the best upcoming UK and European artists. Meanwhile, Octavian unveiled his debut album “Spaceman” in 2018, an album that allowed him to keep reinventing himself through rap, r&b, grime, and even house music. Now signed to UK record label Black Butter, the Londoner released his hottest track to date, “Bet” featuring grime’s favourite Skepta and Michael Phantom back in February.

Remember that name because Octavian is only here to stay.

Octavian will join A$AP ROCKY at Le Zenith de Paris on June 26th and 27th (both shows are sold out).


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