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Régine tackles love songs clichés in I want your love

New talent spotted! We do not know much about Régine yet, except that the 25 years old young singer used to be a student in communication and is now a consultant manager. Originally from Guyancourt, a small town near the south-west side of Paris, Régine amazes us with her first music video, I want your...

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Glass Animals live (?) from our living room

Since March, we’ve been missing the endless queues in the rain, the painfully expensive drinks, the feeling of someone else’s beer in our hair, and most of all the entire catharsis of what we call concerts. Now, however, Glass Animals (Polydor) has offered to take us back to better times with a virtual performance of...

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TESSÆ questions her desires in 3x Jolie

Autumn has arrived but it’s an extract from her latest EP Été that TESSÆ (Wagram Music) has decided to shoot. Directed by Luis Detailleur with whom the young 19-year-old artist had already collaborated on Salope, 3x Jolie energetically explores the ambiguous feelings of TESSÆ : girl or boy, the rapper explores her desires and hesitates! With...

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