Quarantine did not prevent JoJo from making her « Comeback »

VIDEO OF THE WEEK: After the release of her fourth album good to know last week, the singer of Leave! (Get Out) gives us the ultra-sensual music video for her song Comeback in duet with rapper Tory Lanez, who shot his own part for the occasion since the actual health crisis. Feminine, sexy and mature, JoJo only wears lingerie here and assumes herself as a young woman of 29 who celebrates her sexuality and her sensuality through images of video surveillance and other security cameras, carefully scrutinized by Lanez.


This song is dedicated to all those who are impatiently awaiting their reunion with their bae after this quarantine», she said on Twitter. After a very long conflict with her previous label Blackground Records, JoJo returns almost 10 years later via Clover Music (Warner Records) hoping for commercial success, by betting to make the public forget her image of the 2000s teenager it has in memory. With the videos of Lonely Hearts and Man revealed last month, the singer clearly shows that she has grown up and makes us discover a much sexier side of her. She’s expected to continue writing this new chapter of her music career with a US tour scheduled for November.

Post written by Emilie Host.

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