Queen Naija lives her 21st century Cinderella’s dream in “Butterflies Pt.2”

VIDEO OF THE WEEK: While she should be on the road all summer alongside Jhené Aiko as part of her The Magic Hour Tour, Queen Naija (Capitol Music) has just released the video for Butterflies Pt.2 , a sequel to the song Butterflies released in 2018 and certified platinum. Naija invited her boyfriend Clarence White to play his own role in the video, which had already been released a few months ago but including some personal files this time. Here, Queen Naija shares with us the highlights of their relationship : their first date, their moments of complicity or the very Cinderella surprise that Clarence gave her for her birthday, including a coach and a butler. Popular on Youtube as a blogger since 2014 and after a quick turnout during the 13th season of American Idol, Queen Naija has been famous since her chaotic romantic relationship with Chris Sails, the co-creator of her channel. After being cheated on, she decided to speak openly about her feelings on the situation and published the single Medicine by herself, which reached very quickly the 45th spot in the Billboard Hot 100 charts. This success allowed the young woman to sign with Capitol Music and she released her first EP soberly called Queen Naija the same year.



Leaving the past behind her, Queen Naija sings surrounded by butterflies and proclaims her love for Clarence on a soft and minimalist melody produced by Rice N ‘Peas, confessing with emotion that she wishes to “have his last name”, that he makes her “feel safe” and that is how she knew “that he was the one”. Named Artist on the Rise by Youtube and Artist On the Verge by iHeartRadio, everything seems to smile to Queen Naija who should release her second EP very soon and has since welcomed her second child, Legend!

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