Régine tackles love songs clichés in I want your love

New talent spotted! We do not know much about Régine yet, except that the 25 years old young singer used to be a student in communication and is now a consultant manager. Originally from Guyancourt, a small town near the south-west side of Paris, Régine amazes us with her first music video, I want your love. Sarcastic parody of soaps songs that we could see in the 2000s, the artist proclaims in this first title her love on a soul, RnB and jazzy background with a voice that reminds us of Solange Knowles, Ella Mai or Janelle Monáe.



It’s in the tone of humor that we witness a fierce struggle between different contenders to win the heart of the Prince Charming of the day: running, artistic workshop, pilates, gardening and car wash go wild! Nothing is too good to spend time with our hero. But Régine, smarter and more ingenious, will tackle the problem from the root… Under cover of a little love note, the young woman places an aphrodisiac cupcake at the door of the loverboy, which immediately makes him fall in love. Accompanied by dozens of rose petals, our seducer ends up joining Régine, in front of the desperate eyes of her competitors. Catchy, funny and well produced, I want your love is a great discovery that makes us want to hear and see more !

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