SABOTEUR : Launch party at Le Grand Rex

We hadn’t heard from French rapper Deen Burbigo in a while, but he’s back with a bang: the launch party of a new kind of hip-hop record label: Saboteur. The ex member from rap group L’Entourage is hosting a night that promises to be super lit. The date is set on Sunday June 23rd at Le Grand Rex in Paris for a 100% french hip-hop night with DJs JayJay, Andy4000 and Matou but also rappers Alpha Wann, Nekfeu and 2zer. And talking about 2zer, the S-Crew member just released his first solo project named “Décisions” under Saboteur Records.

Tickets are already on sale with DICE FM.  There is absolutely no reason to miss this unmissable event organised by a record label ready to take over the Parisian hip-hop scene!


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