Shay Lia makes waves in Love Me, Love Me Not

A few days before the release of her second EP SOLARIS, Shay Lia shared the very smooth music video for Love Me, Love Me Not. Dealing with the friendzone, a subject rarely discussed from a feminine perspective, the Montreal-based singer shares her feelings and mood while swaying to the rhythm of the waves. Solar and very polished, the video directed by Caraz is described as a “visual movement”. And the movement, Shay Lia knows it well: born in Toulouse, France, the young artist then moved to Djibouti before finishing her race in Montreal where she studied communication. Spotted in 2012 by producer Kaytranada, she collaborated with him on his album 99.9% and they shared several stages together, including Coachella in 2017. After that, her first EP Dangerous was nominated for the Polaris Music Prize.



She’s now back with Love Me, Love Me Not. Shay explained that “if this song had a scent, it would be coconut oil mixed with vanilla. I wanted it to be intimate and sweet”. Isolated on a beach, singing in front of the setting sun, the singer stands as a sensual mist imbued with the movement of the waves. The bet has been won for softness, which sets the tone for SOLARIS, whose universe is RnB, pop, and even afrobeat: “I took my second project as another opportunity to explore and discover. I discover myself while you discover me!“. We can’t wait to hear that!

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