Shygirl takes her blue pill in SLIME

Shygirl is a bit like the UFO whose spacecraft got lost in our galaxy. Always astonishing, the young artist had already shared a lyrics video version of SLIME last October with her friends Arca, SOPHIE and Mowalola as guests, illustrated by a rather hot and agitated WhatsApp conversation. Now wishing to present us her avatars Baddie, Bonk, Bovine and Bae, our Londoner takes us into her matrix to meet these colorful personalities. Between rap, acid-house and pop, this banger clearly makes you want to go jiggle in a club ! This is also Shygirl‘s goal : to make the crowds dance on the dance floors of the future.



It’s quite successful, and SLIME transports us to a whole new dimension, lost between the world of Bratz dolls and Matrix Reloaded. Directed by Shygirl herself (the avatars are however animated by Maurice Andresen), the SLIME video allows the introduction of all the artist’s personalities : Baddie is a nocturnal seductress at ease with her sexuality, Bae a Londoner at the forefront of fashion without a real goal in a world where everything smiles at her, Bovine a classy and rather cold woman and finally Bonk, an inveterate party girl. All four will be part of her EP ALIAS, scheduled for November 20.

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