SODY and Cavetown’s thoughts are circling (literally) in ‘Is your bedroom ceiling bored?’

After the release of her EP I’m Sorry, I’m Not Sorry back in January, Artwood Magazine placed SODY among the artists to follow closely in 2020. A winning bet because since then, the young Londoner of 19 years old has been validated by Billie Eilish, among others, and has accumulated more than 20 million streams on her streaming platforms. SODY delivers today the remix of Bedroom Ceiling, the first single from her new album, in duet with Cavetown, also from England. His indie rock and bedroom pop covers have reached 131 million views on Youtube. In Is your bedroom ceiling bored?, our duo ruminates on their thoughts which are materialized through the walls of their respective bedrooms. They are so overwhelmed that they go round in circles, physically plunging the two artists into their dreams. Doubts and fears are growing and there are genuine storms in both spaces. A concept smoothly led by Samuel Douek who manages to make us understand that feeling of isolation that we might feel when we rehash our innermost thoughts.



Is Your Bedroom Ceiling Bored? is for my fellow overthinkers,” SODY explains. “It’s when you’re staring at your ceiling at 4am looking for answers and wondering what someone is thinking. It’s when you write paragraphs to someone over text but then delete it and respond ‘I’m okay’. I imagine so many of us are experiencing this in isolation which unites us all !” Clearly versatile, SODY is an author, composer, and performer and doesn’t seem to want to stop evolving!

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