SODY: The British pop hybrid on the rise

Sophie Dyson aka SODY (Sony Music UK) is a 19-year-old pop singer-songwriter from West London. She describes her sound as “a pop hybrid of electronic and live instruments with raspy vocals” and once stated that Ed Sheeran has been a huge inspiration of hers for many years. She released her first EP ‘Youth’ in 2016 but has started getting more recognition with her song ‘Maybe It Was Me’ in 2018, followed by ‘The Bully’ in 2019.



Sody writes music that is raw and relatable, about her personal experiences. In ‘Maybe It Was Me’Sody reminisces about a past relationship and starts to accept she may be to blame for the end of it – this is a refreshing take on breakup songs which reminds us of Julia Michaels who also has a similar tone of voice. ‘The Bully’ is a powerful and mature message directed at Sody’s school bullies. She was bullied for a couple of years by various people because of her acne. By the beginning of year 9, her skin had cleared and she had started dying her hair platinum blonde, but the bullying did not stop because people found out she had started releasing music as ‘Sody’.



On January 3, 2020, Sody released her latest EP entitled ‘I’m Sorry, I’m Not Sorry’. The EP opens with ‘What We Had’, a simple piano ballad about struggling to move on from someone and the memories you made together even though you know it’s over. In ‘Reason To Stay’, the next song on the EP, Sody is leaving someone who is not good for her, she’s made up her mind and there’s no coming back from it, no matter what the person has to say. The third track, ‘Nothing Ever Changes’, seems to be a continuity to the previous song, giving more hindsight into the kind of toxicity she was facing: “You’re a monster when you drink, and now I’m picking up the pieces”. The live music video for it is simple and yet says it all – Sody is sat in a blue walls room, wearing a blue jumper and surrounded by dozens of empty bottles of beer. The fourth and last song of the EP is ‘Love’s A Waste’, Sody sings about how, although it feels like relationships are bound to end eventually, or at least go through rough patches, she will “never let go”.

You can hear a beautiful and touching live version of ‘Love’s A Waste’ featuring James Smith on Sody’s youtube channel – it was recorded at Metropolis in London and posted on Valentine’s Day.



Post written by Moïra Lilly.

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