Svudvde loves À la folie

À la folie : that’s the song that Svudvde (to pronounce Saudade) has chosen to present his visual identity to the world. Saudade is a Portuguese word that expresses a complex feeling where melancholy, nostalgia and hope are mingled. This complexity can be found everywhere in Svudvde : the artist’s voice, fluffy and calm, evokes on rap, RnB or soul rhythms love, imprecise happiness … It’s just Life that this songwriter and singer recounts with gentleness and accuracy. In this first clipped essay, Svudvde called on the director Mahine Sef to transcribe the emotions and the infamous steps of a great love story  daily life and passion but also arguments and thinking. We quickly go from love to hate and feelings are unleashed … A sensational entry into Svudvde‘s world!



The artist, originally from Evry, France and now based in Grenoble, has been writing and composing for nearly 15 years but has only been sharing his texts with the rest of the planet for a few years. After covers posted on his Instagram page, he unveiled several original songs such as Tous les deux, Muse or Amor Mio and Impvrfvit. Always with emotion, Svudvde shares his vibe with his audience. Thanks to the À la folie music video, we enter a little more into his world which is no longer just vocal but now also visual. Beautiful and poetic, sincere and aesthetic, it’s a real success for Svudvde who even teases us at the end of the video the video for Unconditional, eagerly awaited by the fans!

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