“Tell Me”, a dive into the spellbinding universe of Enaé

VIDEO OF THE WEEK: After a successful first try with the Time music video released last January, Énaé continues to take us into her captivating universe with Tell Me. The young 22-year-old singer was born in Paris but never stopped traveling: she spent half of her childhood in New York with her Haitian father before joining her mother in Arras (Hauts-de-France) and then settling in Toulouse to start studying psychology and sociology. This melting pot can be felt in her music: with a register that alternates between soul, jazz and RnB, the bewitching voice of Enaé reminds us of Jorja Smith, Lauryn Hill and even Selah Sue. In Tell Me, the young singer evokes the complexity of the feelings felt when we wish to help our loved ones in difficulty prey to the demons of the past.



Directed by Yannick Royo with whom she had already worked for Time where she evoked how time heals the wounds of the past, Énaé invited her sister this time, Alex Rameau, a professional modern jazz dancer, to tell this new story. By tackling such deep themes in her texts, Enaé inevitably returns to her psychology studies by using her analytical mind. Besides, her stage name is kind of a proof of that: “I used the last three letters of my first name upside down and I added é, she explains. É like spirit, elevation; é like Eros. I like to be on the drive, in the moment.” By making her music travel through the ages and mixing genres, Énaé has created her own contemporary and timeless style.

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